Unpredictable Risk

For Years He’s Kept Himself Closely Guarded

Former SEAL Grant Hill believes love brings nothing but pain. Having suffered more loss than any one person ever should, the gruff R.I.S.C. operative has mastered the art of avoidance, …especially when it comes to women. But with his newest bodyguard assignment, Grant’s unwavering determination is put to the ultimate test. He quickly realizes his strong will is no match for the spunky, beautiful redhead who’s filled his dreams since the night they first met.

Can She Be The One To Finally Break Through His Defenses?

Being the daughter of a United States Senator is no walk in the park. Not for Brynnon Cantrell. The independent businesswoman would much rather spend her days knocking down walls and staging homes than rubbing elbows with political supporters or smiling for the press. She’s determined to live life on her terms—and away from her father’s shadow. But when someone starts sending Senator Cantrell threats, Brynnon is forced into the protective shadow of another man. The same gorgeous, emotionally closed-off private security expert she’s spent months trying to forget.

Trusting The Wrong Person May Have Deadly Consequences

The more time Grant and Brynnon spend together, the closer the two become. Soon, they’re giving in to their undeniable attraction. But when the person threatening the Senator sets his sights on Brynnon, Grant not only struggles to open his heart again…he must also fight to keep the woman he’s falling in love with alive.