The R.I.S.C. Series


Rescue, Intel, Security, & Capture

R.I.S.C. is an elite, private security company started by Jake McQueen. After his years as an Army Ranger, and then a Delta Force Operator, Jake decided to leave the military and start a business specializing in helping those unable to help themselves. Often times, this means going into dangerous situations where the government can’t—or won’t—intervene. Working closely with Homeland Security, Jake and his highly skilled Alpha Team will stop at nothing to keep the ones they love safe.


Jake McQueen: Former Delta Force, Owner of R.I.S.C., and Alpha Team Leader

Trevor Matthews: Former Delta Force, Jake’s SIC

Grant Hill: Former SEAL, Demolitions Expert

Derek West: Former SEAL, Technical Analyst

Sean “Coop” Cooper: Former Army Ranger, Sniper

McKenna “Mac” Kelley: Former Army Ranger, Sniper

Taking A Risk Part One

An elite, private security team who will stop at nothing to keep the ones they love.

Taking A Risk Part Two

All he’s ever wanted was to keep Olivia safe, but Jake fears his need to protect will end up pushing her away from him forever.

Beautiful Risk

Beautiful Risk is stand-alone romantic suspense with a sweet, burning love story and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing.

Intentional Risk

He thought he’d lost his chance to be with her. Now, he’ll move heaven and earth to keep her safe.

Unpredictable Risk

Having suffered more loss than any one person ever should, the gruff R.I.S.C. operative has mastered the art of avoidance, …especially when it comes to women.

Ultimate Risk

Will these two partners-turned-lovers be able to save each other’s lives, or will taking the ultimate risk end up costing them everything?

Targeted Risk

When Mike unexpectedly waltzes back into Juliet’s life nearly two years later, neither can deny the same magnetic pull that first drew them together.

Savage Risk

When the serial killer who has taunted Detective Riley York for years suddenly reemerges in her new city, she vows to take him down for good.

Undeniable Risk

Homeland Agent Jason Ryker lives for his job, often blurring the lines between right and wrong for the greater good. But when the only woman to ever steal his focus–and his heart–becomes the target of a ruthless killer, there are no more lines. There’s only her.

His Greatest Risk

With each Alpha Team member and their families in danger, Jake McQueen will risk it all to protect them. Even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.