Fatal Connection

Former Marine, Alex Bennett, is used to taking on danger. Now a detective for Chicago P.D.’s specialized homicide unit, he goes where his cases lead him, regardless of the risks. So, when he’s given a second chance to be with the only woman he’s ever loved, Alex decides it’s time to risk his heart, too.

Despite having a life filled with ridicule and judgement, Eden Westfield decides to use her gift of psychometry—the ability to read people from a simple touch—to help others. But when that same gift turns against her, so does everyone else. Or, so she thinks.

Against Alex’s wishes, his boss enlists Eden’s help in catching a sadistic serial killer. Determined to put the past aside, she agrees to work with Alex again. Soon their long hours together turn into late nights filled with desire and passion.

When the killer known as The Liberator sets his sights on Eden, Alex fears the worst. With help from Dan Romeo and others from the elite Phoenix Agency, Alex and his team race to put an end to the madman’s reign of terror…before he puts an end to Eden.