Bravo Team Series (Special Forces Operation Alpha)

Rescuing Gracelynn

Bravo Team’s technical analyst and confirmed bachelor, Nathan Carter, is happy being single and has no intention of falling under the spell of a woman. Ever. Then, he meets Gracelynn.

Rescuing Katherine

Bravo Team operative Matthew Turner used to believe in happily ever after, but that was years ago, before the only woman he’s ever loved betrayed him and shredded his heart. Since then, he’s worked hard and played even harder, determined he’ll never be vulnerable again.

Rescuing Gabriella

He found the one…and then she vanished.
After nearly dying on a Bravo Team op, former Marine Zade King spends the final weekend of his recovery in paradise. While reflecting on his life and what he wants going forward, he meets Gabby.

Rescuing Ellena

Five years ago, Gabriel Dawson had it all. He was in charge of his own SEAL team, was married to the love of his life, and together, he and Elle were planning the future he’d always wanted. When he almost loses it all to an enemy out for revenge, Gabe is convinced walking away is the only way to keep his wife safe